Wulveagfin Games was created to make games we wanted to play. Hopefully you do too!

The first game released is Stock Market 101: The Game. Catchy name no? It's loosely based on several stock market games I've played over the years. The intention was to make it easy to learn and play, and introduce people to the stock market. While making it arcade enough that experienced stock market fools, such as myself, will enjoy trying to hit a high score.

The second game released is Arach. Arach is what ancient Celtics called Dragons. Arach is loosely based on Chess. Except your animals. And they battle to the death with old school HP and Mana points. No immediate death here like in Chess. Only the strongest shall prevail!

The third game released is Fanais.  Fanais is Gaelic for "Space". Fanais is also loosely based on Chess, using the same Wulveagfin Game Engine as Arach.  Fanais gives you command of a fleet of star ships.  See if you can be the best fleet commander this universe has ever seen!

The fourth game released is Dragon Ridire.  Again loosely based on Chess and using the Wulveagfin Game Engine.  Take traditional medieval units and dominate the world, or the game board.  Both count.

The next game I'm not telling you about. So the internet doesn't steal my grand idea. But trust me, it'll be amazing!